Thank you for stopping by! I am a late 30s working mom to three wild animals young boys who is highly motivated (obsessed?) with becoming financially independent. I want to be financially independent to spend more time with the people I love and travel the world.  Through this blog, I plan to chronicle our family’s journey to financial independence and I hope to inspire you to reach your own financial goals.

You will find information here about personal finance and related topics.  From time to time, there will also be discussions related to kids, health, food, personal development, and entrepreneurship.  In my opinion, a solid personal finance profile is only part of a balanced life.

My goal is to provide a quality post here every Wednesday. For now, I plan to blog anonymously because it will allow me to be more candid.  I would appreciate any suggestions or comments that you have, and would love to hear if there are any topics that will most help and interest you.

Thanks again for visiting.  Let’s get free!